A Gimpse into the Life of Blanca Toloza

Blanca Toloza, proud breast cancer survivor, was first diagnosed in 2008 by The Regency’s own Dr. Gambino. Blanca came to the United States in 1989 from El Salvador. She worked at The Friends Academy in Locust Valley before joining The Regency Wait Staff in 1989.

Blanca has 2 beautiful daughters, Yanira (Patricia) who works at The Swan Club in Roslyn, and Emely, a second grade teacher at PS 361 in Woodside.

Blanca made the difficult decision to have a double mastectomy and has no regrets about this painful choice. 9 years of excellent test results have Blanca thanking God daily for her and our residents good fortune.

Blanca credits her Christian Faith with having helped her battle the chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, and biannual check-ups. She attends Iglesias Betel and is bilingual in Spanish and English.

Blanca will be walking for Breast Cancer Awareness in October and she thanks you in advance for sponsoring her team.

Resident’s Anna, Florence, and Elaine honor Blanca with these beautiful words in describing her: Wonderful, Cheerful, Happy, and Caring. Thank you Blanca for your courage.

The Regency’s residents and staff donated money to support Blanca’s Team for The American Cancer Strides Walk. Proceeds from a raffle basket and staff and residents participating in Denim Fridays. Thank you as we all have made a difference