Celebrating the Holidays…Together!

The Regency celebrated Passover and Easter with our residents, families, staff and the Glen Cove Community. We started the month by celebrating Passover together with a Model Seder a couple days before Passover began. The Passover seder (meaning order) is probably the most
celebrated and beloved of Jewish home rituals. Beth Evans along with The Regency’s Recreation Department sang songs and read from the Passover Haggadah. “It was a beautiful way to celebrate our holiday together with our new friends.”, Don Rubin, The Regency’s Resident Council President stated. Thank you for making us feel special and
connected to our faith and new home.”

On April 8th, The Regency’s Annual Easter Eggstravaganza was held. Resident’s grandchild, great-grandchildren and Glen Cove children from the Glen Cove Community filled our lobby waiting for the arrival of the Easter Bunny. Our Easter Bunny hopped around helping the children collect over 2000 candy and toy filled eggs that were scattered
throughout The Regency. The Magic Show was awesome. The kids shrieked with delight when the magician made a real bunny appear. Happy Easter to all. As Easter is a foundation of the Christian faith, residents participated in confession when Father Ambros came from St. Rocco’s
Church and attended church on Easter Sunday. “It was wonderful to have my grandchildren attend the fun Easter event at The Regency. More importantly, we loved that were spent our first holiday here with our family and friends”, Joan Brannon stated.

We hope everyone enjoyed their holidays.