My parents moved in to The Regency seven years ago, when they were both driving and getting around pretty well. They quickly made many friends amongst the staff and found it a great place to live as an independent couple. When my father got ill, The Regency was able to ramp up care and support him as he needed it, while encouraging my mother to remain active. Through his illness and passing, the staff were attentive, loving and patient and managed to somehow keep my mother focused on her life as well as her sadness. Now 92, my mother loves The Regency and gets all of the attention and care she needs.

I love The Regency. The staff is warm and supportive and very communicative. Whenever there’s an incident that involves my mother, I get a call with a reassuring voice telling me what I need to know. The staff all know her well and take wonderful care of her. I visit weekly and despite a lifetime of training from Mom to be a tough critic, I give The Regency the highest marks.

Gary Cohen

Hi Gail and Stella:

As you know, The Regency has been taking care of our mom, June Rabin, since March 2015. For nearly three years my sister and I have been thrilled with her care.

She’s taken care of by a devoted, patient staff of aides who clothe her in the morning and take her down to breakfast. Throughout the day they shuttle her to and from meals and activities, keeping her entertained and as happy as can be, given the circumstances. At night, they bring her back to her room, bathe her, and get her into bed where she is warm, comfortable, and safe.

She’s also well fed. The food in your dining room is comparable to many fine restaurants. Your chef is terrific, always with a smile and joke. And the wait staff are always eager to help.

After she suffered her debilitating stroke seven years ago, my mom sometimes finds it hard to smile or express joy. Yet, there she was at your holiday party a few weeks ago, dancing, singing, and giggling with a gleam that could have illuminated all of Glen Cove.

My sister and I thank you and your staff for the continued care you give my mom every day. You’re the best.

Paul Rabin and Debbie Fried

Dear Beth,

I want to thank you so much for treating and caring for my mother as family. From the very beginning, I was positive I chose the right place for my mother and I was right. Thanks to your personal touch mom (and I) felt at home and comfortable. Her medical care was excellent and I felt so safe with her under your wing.

You, your staff and I all know that by moving her into the Regency the clock turned back for her. With the stimulation of the trips activities and medical care. My mom’s medications were able to be reduced and she became more cognitive, active, and social. She was so happy!! Had she not suffered a stroke she would have remained at the Regency permanently.

I have to thank you personally though because the Regency would not be what it is were you not the director. Your involvement in all aspects of the facility and warm relationship with the residents is what sets the Regency apart from all other facilities. Your staff such as Glendie, Stella, Danielle, the whole medical office, Mark and Larry, Angelina; I hope I have not left anyone out because they all deserve kudos for their compassion and hard work.

But it all stems from the Director and again I cannot thank you enough for giving mom a wonderful 3 years. I only wish she could remain with you. Please do not hesitate to give my name as a reference I would be happy to help other families. All my best to you and the staff.

Bonnie Witler

The Regency Assisted Living Glen Cove TestimonialDear Beth,

“If we have the opportunity to be generous with our hearts, ourselves, we have no idea of the depth and breadth of love’s reach.” ~ Margaret Cho

Thank you so much to The Regency at Glen Cove for sponsoring the Shifting the Perspective: Aging and Creativity Conference at Hofstra University. The Conference was a great success, in large part, due to your generosity. The responses we received from speakers and participants have been overwhelming. Despite heavy rains, we had twenty-one inspiring presentations and approximately three hundred guests. Days and now weeks later, we are still receiving emails, cards, and letters expressing how much this day meant. Because of your support, we were able to highlight the vitality and creativity that can be abundant as we age.

You remain a true friend to the Senior Center, and on behalf of all the staff and seniors at the Senior Center, I can’t thank you enough for your sponsorship of this event, and I wish you a very healthy and happy holiday season.

Warmest Regards,
Carol Waldman
Executive Director

Dear Beth,

On behalf of the Woman’s Club of Glen Cove, I would like to thank you for allowing us to meet at the Regency. You and your staff have been very helpful each month setting up the room and providing drinks and snacks. Because of you we have been able to meet in a cozy and quiet room thus allowing us the privacy necessary to accomplish the business of the Woman’s Club business.

Again, many thanks to you and your staff for your generosity towards us and our club.

Sincerely yours,
Marion Hahn
Corresponding Secretary

The Regency Assisted Living- Our Silver Lining

When it became evident that my sister and I could no longer care for our 91 year old mother at our respective homes, we were, like many baby boomers, faced with the very difficult decision of choosing an Assisted Living Facility. We did research on the neighboring facilities, even visited a few, but had disappointing results.

Then one day, quite by accident, while shopping at a local store, I met a group of residents and staff who were on a shopping trip from The Regency Assisted Living. I inquired about this facility and made a note of the number. Later that evening I phoned some of my Long Island friends and asked if they had any knowledge of The Regency. A dear friend gave me great feedback and urged me to schedule a visit. I made the initial call the following morning.

On a beautiful October day my sister and I were welcomed by a team of Regency staff members- The Administrator Beth, Jennifer, Stella and Angelina, who each play a significant role in the care of each resident. Immediately we were taken on a tour of the beautiful facility. The cleanliness and design of the building made a lasting impression. Everything was laid out so well, with easy access to all rooms- the TV room, library, dining room, art room and the recreation area. The décor was bright and tastefully designed.

On ensuing days we were given ample time to discuss our concerns and tour the available apartments. We were invited for a private luncheon where our mother was free to ask any questions she had and encouraged to become familiar with the facility. Chef Pat, even came out to greet us and assured us that all of Mom’s dietary issues would be addressed.

We were all quite taken by the friendliness and genuine concern of the staff. We met the Recreation Director and even the Maintenance staff who assist during the move-in process. All listened to our concerns patiently, conversations were never rushed.

Mom is now, 8 months later, firmly settled in her beautiful, new apartment. She is extremely happy and content. She participates under the guidance of her companions in many different social activities and trips. The Regency’s wellness staff are always readily available to assist the residents with any of their needs. Everyone works as a true team. To date, Mom has never asked to return to our homes. She says she is comfortable in her own apartment- her home away from home. The Regency has proven to be “The Home where the Heart is”. My sister and I visit often and are always given a cordial reception. The Regency has truly been our “Silver Lining”.

Michelle Bisom

Dear Beth, Angelina and Regency Staff,

Thank you just doesn’t seem like enough to express to you our appreciation for the kindness, care, compassion and support you provided to Shirley in her years at The Regency.

Through some very difficult times, you always put her best interests first and for that we will always be grateful- wishing you all a Joyous Holiday Season!


Shelley & Jeff

Dear Beth,

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”
~ Mother Theresa

Thank you for once again for offering a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner to those in the community who had nowhere else to go. The Regency at Glen Cove clearly embodies a loving and generous philosophy.

You are an asset to this community and a wonderful neighbor, and I cherish our friendship with all of my heart.

With much love and appreciation,
Carol Waldman
Executive Director

Dear Regency Staff,

Thank you so much for your kind invitation for Thanksgiving Dinner. It was delicious- quite a treat! And everyone was so cordial! Thank you for all of your generosity.


Testimonial Glen Cove Office of Senior ServicesDear Jennifer:

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” – John F. Kennedy

I am writing today to thank you so much for your generous donation of Potato Salad Trays for our November 6th Barn Dance fundraiser. It truly means a lot to have the support of local businesses like yours.

On behalf of all the seniors and staff, I sincerely thank you for your kindness. You are a true friend and valued member of our community.

Very truly yours,
Jacqueline Tecce
Site Manager

Testimonial Glen Cove Youth BoardDear Stella:

Please thank your residents and staff for donating school supplies to our Fill-a-Backpack program. Each year, the Friends of the Glen Cove Youth Board, in cooperation with the Glen Cove Youth Bureau provide back to school supplies to needy children in Glen Cove. This year, thanks to your generosity, we were able to provide supplies for 266 students. We truly appreciate your support.

Again, many thanks for your generosity.
With kindest regards,

Cynthia S. Rogers

Mill Neck Manor School for the DeafDear Stella:

Thank you so much for explaining to us about all the jobs at the Regency. It was interesting to learn that you work as a team. Your team works really hard to help the residents. The Regency is really beautiful and fancy. It was really nice to see the senior citizens have beautiful apartments, a patio, dining room and everything else. We loved to hear about Angelina, Chef Pat, John, Karen and Kim’s jobs and experience. Thank you to Chef Pat for giving us water and dessert. We think Chef Pat and John are very funny. We also love our gift bags.

Thank you for showing us how much you love your jobs. We learned so much from you.


Bianca, Charles, Niah, Joel, Jose, Katerynne, Nataly, Maria Limperis and Rebecca Pilson

Port Washington Senior Citizens TestimonialDear Jennifer:

Oh boy, what a great cannoli party!

I want to thank you, Pat Marone, and the Regency Assisted Living for throwing a wonderful cannoli party at the Port Washington Senior Citizens Center on August 4. Everyone raved about how delicious the cannolis were and the fun presentation that Pat gave. It was such a wonderful treat.

Please extend our warmest gratitude to Pat for making the day so special.

We look forward to seeing you soon.


Dorothy Quinn
Program Director

regency-testimonialDear Ms. Evans:

Thank you for sponsoring the Morgan Park Summer Music Festival, now in our 56th year!

Enclosed please find this year’s playbill where we tried to properly recognize you for your sponsorship.

Also enclosed please find your invitation to our Committee & Concert Sponsor Picnic to be held on August 16th at 6:00 p.m. in the park before the British Invasion Concert.

Thank you again for making these concerts possible. We couldn’t do it without you!

Thomas R. Suozzi

The Regency Assisted Living TestimonialDear Beth & Jennifer,

Thank you for your support for our movie night which was held on March 25th and your donation of Penne a La Vodka. We appreciate your thoughtfulness.

The theatre night was a huge success and allows Glen Cove Rotary to continue to support local charities and to send more kids to camp.

Yours in Rotary,

Carol Nelson

regency-assisted-living-testimonialDear Chef Pat,

“Thank you for the food before us, the friends beside us, the love between us.” ~ Anon

Thank you for providing such terrific food for the launch of the Glen Cove Senior Center’s Circle of Friends. You epitomize the word “special”, and I am forever grateful to you.

You are an asset to this community and our Senior Center, and I cherish our friendship with all of my heart.

With much love and appreciation,
Carol Waldman
Executive Director

The Regency Assisted Living TestimonialTo All my Dear Friends at The Regency “Hotel” as Mom called it. We will never be able to thank you enough for helping my mom during her stay with you. You are all wonderful people. You should be very proud of the work you do.

Dave, Laura, Jack & Patty

The family of Joan K. Bartscher acknowledges with grateful appreciation your kind expression of sympathy.

To The Regency Staff,

The Regency Assisted Living Long Island TestimonialI want to take the time to thank all of the staff that touched the life of my Uncle, Herbert Fischer, during his five year residency at the Regency.

My uncle was a very private, quiet gentleman. I know, at first, the adjustment must have been very difficult for him, but he did exceedingly well- I believe he actually thrived. I remember when he accepted the microphone, that Beth handed him, at his l02nd Birthday celebration – he spoke eloquently and thanked everyone in the dining room at dinner that night. I was truly astounded!

There is no question that he flourished because his aide, Richard Brown, had a special connection with him. Richard possesses patience and special qualities and I will be forever grateful to him for his care. I know my uncle would have preferred to have spent his last days in his house in Sea Cliff, but The Regency was certainly the next best thing.

Again, thank you to everyone for the wonderful care he received from all of you at The Regency.

Carol Voelger
(Herbert Fischer’s Niece)

Dear Beth & the Excellent Staff at The Regency,

We would like to express our deepest appreciation for the continued excellent care you all gave to our Dad during his time at The Regency. These past weeks have been very difficult for us all. Again, our sincere appreciation.

With our love,
Carol, Ron, Joan & Tom

Regency Assisted Living Long Island TestimonialDear Jen and Pat,

Thank you for participating in our 17th Annual Culinary Delights. We were so glad to have you be a part of our event. The Culinary is just one way we strive to promote our members and hope it expanded your customer list. As the Chamber’s mission is to “enhance the health of its member businesses” this event is dedicated to all those in the food related business. We value your membership.

Again, many thanks for your presence at our Culinary and the help your name draws in our attendees.


Phyllis Gorham, ED
Executive Director

Regency Assisted Living Long Island TestimonialDear Pat,

Thank you so much for the generous donation of your fabulous penne a la cognac, for our Italian Day Celebration. It went beautifully with the lunch we were serving. The seniors truly loved it! You are an amazing chef, and I really enjoyed your creative use of flavors.

We are very grateful for your kindness and generosity to the Senior Center. The day was a marvelous success, made possible by donations from friends like you!

Warmest regards,

Jenny Weiss
Activities Coordinator

Dear Beth and the entire staff at the Regency,

Glen Cove Office of Senior Services“At the end of life we will not be judged by how many diplomas we have received, how much money we have made, how many great things we have done.

We will be judged by, ‘I was hungry, and you gave me something to eat. I was naked, and you clothed me. I was homeless, and you took me in.” – Mother Teresa

Thank you is not sufficient for the generosity you have shown to our seniors. Please accept my deep gratitude to you for the great work you do by opening your home and offering a Thanksgiving meal to those who have no other place to go. Your caring has a great impact within our wonderful community, and the Glen Cove Senior Center is so humbled and honored to have the Regency as a friend.

With Warmest Regards,
Carol Waldman
Executive Director, Glen Cove Office of Senior Services

Oyster Bay Life Enrichment CenterTo:
Jennifer Barrett – Community Relations Liason
Pat Marone – Chef

The Regency at Glen Cove
94 School Street
Glen Cove, NY 11542

Thank you both for your demonstration in how to make cannoli & cream for the cannoli at our Life Enrichment Center. It was a delicious treat and enjoyed by both staff and seniors.

We appreciate your time and efforts and just spirit of giving.

Pat Piligri
Corresponding Secretary

To Our Friends At The Regency,

Carol called and said, “I’ve found the place.” We went together three days later. She was right. Six and a half years ago, we brought mom to her new home. Home, not because it was a place to eat and sleep, but home, because it was a place of caring and love.

Beth, you remembered mom’s words to you when she agreed to “give it a chance” and stay a few days “to make my daughters happy.” Maybe she agreed to stay because she wanted to borrow your high heels.

Angelina, how many phone calls, e-mails and visits to your office were there? We figured Enzo was building an escape hatch for you so you could make a quick get away when we appeared at your office door. Now we know why you had a bowl of candy. You needed the quick fix once we walked out. We can’t thank you enough for your patience, guidance and concern.

Hi John! You always greeted us with a big smile and “Hello, how are you ladies doing today?” Think of all the word games and letters mom yelled out to you… put some of them together now: T…H…A…N…K…Y…O…U!!! You are a wonderful young man. We wish you and your beautiful family the very best but John, go easy on the bunny suit.

Thank you Stella and Erica for planning so many activities and the “extras” that allowed us to share special times with mom. We always enjoyed the “teas with the ladies in hats”…

Andres, thank you for driving mom, and sometimes us, to her many appointments. We wonder, when you close your eyes at night, do you fall asleep to the rhythm of the click clack of walkers opening and closing?

Dear Maria, thank you for all the soups, salads, sandwiches and desserts you made sure mom ate even though she “wasn’t hungry” and for being on coffee watch. You, and every waiter and waitress, nourished her with food but more importantly, with patience and genuine caring. Mom was crowned “Queen of the Grilled Cheese Sandwiches” by Pat. Maybe now, mom resides on a dairy farm next to a bread factory and Pat, lots of luck getting that leftover cheese back into the cow.

Jim, thank you for the weekly poker games and for reporting back to us how well mom did. We knew the other residents were in trouble when mom needed two change purses to carry her winnings. Those winnings helped to defray the cost of rent so, thank you for that!

A very special thank you to everyone at the Wellness Center, Kimberly et al.

How many pills in how many little white cups over six and a half years three times a day? How many times did you come to the rescue when mom pulled the string? How many times did your response literally save her life? A deep and profound thank you for that.

To Richie and all of the aides who greeted us with special hellos and “we love Sylvia” or “your mother is a beautiful lady” There was no escape from the lovely compliments, not even in the elevator. Thank you.

Thank you to Doris, Carol and everyone at the reception desk who kept us calm during the frantic phone calls and who understood our needs even when we were too frazzled to articulate them.

Christine told us that Clara was crying when she cleaned mom’s room on that last Monday. That was confirmed when Rosa appeared by mom’s bedside to see for herself as she wept with us. Thank you to everyone who kept that apartment looking so fresh and welcoming.

Karen, thanks for the daily fashion review that you and mom engaged in every morning as she made her way to breakfast. The fact that we never heard “You will not believe what Karen was wearing today, if only she would…” speaks volumes for your taste in clothes. On a more somber note, we appreciate your kind words spoken to us that Tuesday morning.

If it weren’t for the weekly visits to Michelle for mom’s hair, mom would never have left her apartment… seriously!

So dear friends, again, thank you and if we haven’t mentioned you by name please know we will carry you in our hearts forever.

Warmest Regards,

Dear Beth,

Thank you and your staff so very much for a lovely celebration in honor of my uncle’s 102nd birthday. The cake and lunch (kudos to John) in the “special” dining room with my uncle, Richard and Gail, were wonderful.

I really appreciate all of everyone’s efforts on his behalf. Please share my “thank you” with the rest of The Regency staff.


Dear Beth and Jennifer,

“If we have the opportunity to be generous with our hearts, ourselves, we have no idea of the depth and breadth of love’s reach.” -Margaret Cho

Thank you for so generously making such wonderful food for Feel the Beat, our Latin Outreach event. The Regency at Glen Cove epitomizes the word special, and I am forever grateful to you.

You are an asset to this community and our Senior Center, and a fabulous neighbor. I cherish our friendship with all of my heart.

With much love and appreciation,
Carol Waldman
Executive Director

Dear Beth,

Thank you for your thoughtful visit, kind words and hugs during this difficult time. I could not have made it without your support. How lucky I was to have you and the Regency “Family” at mom’s side and my side for the last 2 ½ years. There is no better place that we could have been.


Dear Beth,

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your participation with the 2013 Senior Day Celebration and your service as a Senior Day Committee Member. Your generous and gracious donation of your time and resources enabled the City of Glen Cove to host a fantastic array of events to honor our senior citizens and give them the recognition they deserve.

The Senior Day Committee played an integral role in this event. Once again, thank you for your support. Your commitment to our community is deeply appreciated.

Ralph V. Suozzi and Maureen Basdavanos

Dear Kim,

Thank you to Beth, Angelina, Diana and all of the wonderful, beautiful staff at The Regency. Everyone’s love and support during this difficult time will always be remembered.

Gratitude and Love,
Barbara Pess

Dear Beth and the entire staff at the Regency,

“At the end of life we will not be judged by how many diplomas we have received, how much money we have made, how many great things we have done.
We will be judged by, ‘I was hungry, and you gave me something to eat. I was naked, and you clothed me. I was homeless, and you took me in.” ~ Mother Teresa

Thank you is not sufficient for the generosity you have shown to our seniors. Please accept my deep gratitude to you for the great work you do by opening your home and offering a Thanksgiving meal to those who have no other place to go. Your caring has a great impact within our wonderful community, and the Glen Cove Senior Center is so humbled and honored to have the Regency as a friend.

With Warmest Regards,
Carol Waldman
Executive Director

Dear Stella,

I would like to thank the residents and staff of The Regency for their very generous donations to our Thanksgiving Food Drive.

This year, the Glen Cove Youth Bureau assisted over 50 families at Thanksgiving. Working with other social service agencies in town, over 350 families were given the food that they needed to have a bountiful Thanksgiving. This would not have been possible without the generosity of others such as yourself.

We truly appreciate all that you do to help Glen Cove residents in need and send out best wishes for the New year.

Cynthia Rogers
Family Service Coordinator

I felt the need to write about my mother’s 85th birthday. My mom Emily Gibbs lives at The Regency in Glen Cove. She has been there for five years. When I decided to do an All Day Birthday Bash I went to Stella Shank, Director of Special Projects to tell her my plan. I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful she is. My mom’s birthday was November 28th, and it couldn’t have turned out any better. It started with a surprise breakfast with banners and balloons. At lunch time I asked Chef Pat to prepare my mom’s favorite meal. We sat in the formal dining room where we were served lamb chops and lobster tail. Then the staff came in singing Happy Birthday. Chef Pat went over the top. The food was fabulous. You should have seen my mother’s face, she was grinning from ear to ear. The next step was to prepare for the evening party. When I returned later, the staff had already decorated the living room for me. The tablecloths were on, balloons blown, confetti sprinkled everywhere. The banner was hung which Stella helped me order. Chef Pat and John Jacobs (assistant recreation director) were there to be sure I had everything I needed before they left for the night. The party was a huge success. I am so grateful for the entire staff at The Regency. Thank you for helping me make my Mom’s birthday one I will always remember.

Betsy Gibbs

Dear Beth and friends at The Regency,

On behalf of the senior citizens who attended the Thanksgiving dinner at the Regency, we thank you and your staff for remembering those seniors who otherwise would have been alone during this holiday season. Everyone said how special and welcomes they were made to feel by your staff. They said that the dinner was delicious and plentiful. This invitation meant so much to them, especially knowing that they were not forgotten and it truly helped to make their Thanksgiving Day special. The staff and seniors from the Glen Cove Senior Center wish you and the members of the Regency a very Healthy and Happy Holiday Season with family and friends and we thank you for being such a friend to us.

Carol Waldman, Executive Director

Dear Chef Pat and Staff,

Thank you for a very pleasant evening. The food was DELICIOUS! It was a very nice way for us to meet new people.

Frank and Genny Galati

Dear Mr. Dagan,

I would like to express my sincere thank you for showing my daughter and I the elegant rooms at The Regency. The dining room was magnificent and the lunch was delicious. Your gracious Chef Pat made our dining experience very pleasant. He truly is an important asset to the lovely Regency. You are a gracious host and you add that special grace that made me feel the warmth that comes with the lovely Regency.

Marie D.

Dear Ami and Beth,

I want to thank you for your generous donation of $306 to support Music and Memory in its quest to improve the quality of life of the elderly through personalized music. It’s this approach which not only helps those with Alzheimer’s disease maintain their identity and feel more engaged in life, but also offers a variety of benefits to others facing a wide range of physical and emotional challenges.

“Music from The Heart” was a memorable event. Please express to Marty our appreciation for allowing such a creative fundraiser.

We greatly appreciate your support.


Dan Cohen, MSW
Executive Director

Beth, Stella, Angelina, Amitai, Erica, Pat, Eddie, Enzo, Paula, Kim, John, and everyone else at the Regency—

Barbara, Thomas, Chewie and I want to thank you, on behalf of Murray, for making us part of your extended family these past two years. From the moment, Beth took us on our first tour of the Regency, we’ve felt in the presence of caring professionals — who make it their business to provide a loving and nourishing environment. We especially want to remember his three dinner companions Sylvia, Phyllis, and Regina whose wit and friendship at the dinner table was complimented by the fine food.

Richard Spiegel

To Beth and everyone at The Regency,

I want to thank you and your staff for the excellent care that you have provided for my father during his stay at your facility. I also want to thank you for the peace of mind that it proved for me personally in knowing that he was in good hands. I know he will miss all of you but I hope to provide a family environment for him and get him back on the dock to do some fishing which was a major interest in his life back in Florida.

Again I thank you for everything and wish you continuing success with all your residents.

Best wishes,
Larry Hoffman

Glen Cove AARP Chapter 3407 will be celebrating its 28th anniversary this September. In addition to our social and educational activities, we hold several fundraisers in support of the indigent and impoverished in our city. Our members knit wool blankets for the veterans at Northport Hospital who are very appreciative. We support AARP’s legislative activities in Albany to assure that state government services are available to the needy elderly. We also want to thank THE REGENCY AT GLEN COVE for hosting our annual “installation of officers” at their beautiful outdoor patio. We are fortunate to have this wonderful community in Glen Cove.

Bob Tovar, President
Glen Cove AARP Chapter

Dear Stella, Beth, Erica and the entire Regency staff,

Thank you so much for all you have done for our dear Aunt “Ro”. She enjoyed her stay at The Regency although it was all too brief. We appreciate the special care and attention that was always available from each of you and from your staff. You can be very proud of the work that you do every day.

Fond Regards,

Millie, Diane, Lynn, Danny, Frank, Dennis and Kathy

Dear Chef Pat and Amitai,

The staff and seniors at Double Day Babcock Senior Center thank you for the very delicious crustless apple pie a la mode that you made for us. Your time and efforts in preparing for 50+ people is greatly appreciated.


Pat Pileggi
Corresponding Secretary
Double Day Babcock Senior Center

To Whom It May Concern:

I want to thank each and every one of you for being so wonderful to us seniors at the Doubleday Babcock Senior Center. Your lovely array of goodies and the time you put in to entertain us is a very gracious thing. I for one thoroughly enjoy the things you do. The cakes and everything you make are the best I’ve ever eaten. I truly look forward to your visits. Now I have a double reason to thank you too. I won the beautiful gift basket you have away, and I was simply thrilled. Its such a lovely gift and I can use everything it contains. Thank you with all my heart. It is sincerely appreciated.

Gratefully yours,

Florence Martin
Member Doubleday Babcock Senior Center

Dear Amitai,

When you approached us about doing the “This is Your Life” event, I was struck with a little fear and trepidation but I knew my husband John would enjoy it. And I was right, in fact, we both enjoyed it very much as well did our family and friends. It was a tremendous success thanks to you and the others at The Regency. The best to you and the others at The Regency. Happy New Year to all!

Yours truly,
Eileen and John Nelson

Dear Beth:

Just a note to thank you again for everything you did for my mother.

I will never forget that first day in February 1998 when she refused to come and try the home for the agreed week and you let her come for one night. You and I stayed there into the night until we got a phone working in her room and you were so kind and patient and made her so welcome.

Who would have believed that she would have been a resident for so long, 11years, but a lot of that is down to the good care you gave her.

You were always my mother’s friend and looked out for her best.

When I came this November after she was released from the hospital, I saw how well the Regency cared for her and about her. The staff was amazing – so careful and concerned.

That’s all a credit to you – you high level of professionalism and the example you set as the Director.

You have always been a friend and a great support to me – I could be easier about my mother living so far away knowing you were in her corner.


Thank you very much for the delicious lunch at your beautiful facility. We have taken a tour and saw the wonderful living quarters plus activities. We hope and wish that when our time comes we will be able to enjoy the wonderful Regency. Thank you again!

Sonia and John Abbrancati – Members of AARP

Dear Beth,

Both my Mom and I appreciate your concern during her long illness. She did not let a day go by without mentioning her desire to get back to The Regency. She considered it home. She liked her fellow residents, with whom she so quickly became friendly. She really valued the staff, who she always described as being “so nice”. I want you and all the Regency to know that my family and I are grateful for how you welcomed my mother. She was so very happy! You should be very proud of yourself and your team. You all do a great job!

Mike Coco and Family

Chef Pat,

A compliment to you and your staff: The Mothers’ Day Brunch was a resounding success. The choices were varied and excellent, and there was plenty to go around. I saw many smiling and happy faces. The Mimosas and berries added that special touch.

Thank you all for a tremendous effort. It is well appreciated by the residents and me.

Thank you,

Dear Beth,

I am writing to you to commend Carmen’s actions with my mother the other night. She responded to my mother’s distress and request to go to the hospital in a very caring, and expedient manner.

She called me apologetically at 1:15 A.M. to inform me that my mother wished to go to the hospital and wanted my input. She then went upstairs so that I could speak to my mother. When I arrived at the Regency, Carmen was in her room along with the EMT staff. She was incredible!! Please express my appreciation to Carmen.

I would also like to express my appreciation to Gina who is always on top of things and is quick to call when I need information or have questions. She also keeps me apprised of my mother’s status as needed.

Angelina calls when she knows Gina is not around to update me. Maureen Roller has been very helpful medically and personally. I am so grateful to the Regency staff for all that they do for my mother, which is so reassuring for my family and me. I am very grateful for these people’s high level of professionalism and caring towards me, as well as my mother.

With much appreciation,
Fredda Klopfer

Dear Beth,

Just a word to say “thanks” for a delightful Caribbean experience the other evening. You all really know how to put on a great party! The place looked terrific, complete with palm trees! The pina coladas were a real treat (I’ll bet the guys making them won’t want to look at one for a long time!)

We had a dinner to attend so could not stay for the wonderful looking dinner you were providing, nor did we get the chance to hear the steel drums and join in the dancing, our loss.

All of your staff are always so friendly and enthusiastic. It made for a most delightful evening.
Thanks for including me.

Pat Parmelee

Dear Beth,

In the short time I have been a resident of the Regency, I have had the benefit of exceptional kindness and service from many staff members. I would be remiss in not bringing the following to your attention.

Maintenance- Ernie and Enzo started helping me the day after I moved into the Regency. No task was too great for them- hanging the dish cabinet, folding door, pictures, mirrors, sconces, curtain rods, living room window dressing, plus my treasured novelties. They always responded, “Sure!” What a team they are!

Housekeeping- starting on my first day, Lucille and Maria provided linens and whatever I needed. When the movers left, Lucille asked Maria to return to my apartment at the end of the day to clean up the remains of the packing and other debris. Maria has been a joy- she is very pleasant and does such a careful job keeping my apartment clean and neat.

Transportation- Isaac has been my able escort as I go to and from various doctor’s offices. Despite the many entrances and exits, he makes sure I am dropped off and picked up without problems.

Front desk- Doris is always smiling with her friendly greeting, “May I help you, Mildred?” She listens to my requests and makes every effort to help me or to seek the help I need.

Dining service- Sergio (Table #27 for breakfast and lunch) is personable and attentive. He starts the morning with a smiling, “Good morning, how are you today?” Then he recites the selection of breakfast goodies and always brings my English muffins browned to perfection. It is a delight to greet him again at lunchtime.

Needless to say, I adore my apartment and want you to know how much I appreciate all that the Regency staff members have done for me. Every task I requested was completed within one month’s time. By May 15th I was ready to share my happiness with my family and friends. Please extend my appreciation to all.

Mildred Wedel

Dear Beth,

On behalf of the family, and personally, I wish to thank you and the staff of the Regency for providing superior care to my Aunt, Eleanore Michels, for the last six years. You have contributed significantly to making her last days as pleasant as possible.

I would not hesitate to recommend the Regency to anyone seeking an assisted living facility for their loved ones.

Harold T. Michels

January 16, 2007


John’s “This Is Your Life” on Saturday was just terrific! Again my thanks to all the pleasant staff you’ve assembled and especially to Erica and Joanna. John is so happy to be at The Regency and I’m happy that he’s happy!

Regards to all,
Nancy Nicholson

December 29, 2006

Dear Beth,

Now that I am doing so well going through the healing process since my fall on October 20, 2006 at 4pm in front of the Glen Cove Post Office, I would like to commend Isaac for helping me.

He had driven me there and waited for me to return to the car. It was a freak accident. Almost immediately he was at my side. He handled the situation beautifully. He advised 2 spectators not to touch me. He questioned me as to whether I could move my limbs. Yes, I wiggled all four – think you can stand? I’ll try – with his help and compassion I was on my feet and returned to the car.

He was my “Knight in Shining Armor.”

Mildred Wedel

October 30, 2006

Dear Erica,

Once again I would like to congratulate and thank you for the beautiful Halloween decorations. Macy’s windows missed their chance when they missed you.

Thank you so much.
John G. Schick

Glen Cove High School
Dosoris Lane
Glen Cove, NY 11542

Dear Ms. Dressler,

On behalf of the entire Glen Cove High School Guidance Department, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your participation in the Career Fair. By giving so generously of your time, you provided our students with a powerful example of self-pride, strong work ethic and commitment to the community.

It was wonderful to witness a student’s enthusiasm in finding someone who could relate to their dreams. It was gratifying to watch as a shy student summoned the courage to talk to an adult about his plans. It brought out a tremendous amount of pride to me personally to listen when an adult told a student that it is never too late to get focused.

Thanks again for your participation.

Laurie B. Lynn
Guidance Chairperson

Dear Staff

People like you make this world a better place…You all have given me something special forever held on a shelf in my heart.

Love Denise Caporicci
(Resident’s daugther)

Dear Stella,

All of this is due in no small part to The Regency, the care and attention, the warmth from the staff and the environment. The entire experience has provided my mother with an extraordinary quality of life for which we are very grateful.

Having a live-in aide at her home in Bayside would not have brought about this change. Please share this message.

Carol Kanzer
(Resident’s daugther)