An Amazing Day at Citi Field

Written By Resident Joe Krupinski

Daniel (Bud) Hohenrath, a resident at The Regency since Dec. 14, 2014, got chance to meet the Mets on May 7th because his two daughters, Diane and Phyllis, worked out a public relations idea with the baseball team.

Bud was honored as a U.S. Army veteran. He stood with Mets pitcher, Jacob DeGrom, in the middle of the field while the crowd chanted and applauded. All of a sudden, the scoreboard in centerfield lit up with the image of Bud from 1944. Mets superstar, Jacob DeGrom, presented Bud with a beautifully folded American flag. They told Bud to wave back to the fans, 24 of which were family and friends sitting in a reserved section.

“I have never experienced anything like that in my whole life,” Bud said in his self-effacing way. “I was pretty close to tears. It was mind-boggling to say the least.”

His daughters had a custom Mets jersey made with his last name and his favorite number 96 on it. I personally had a question. I asked him about the number 96 on his back. I wanted to know which Mets pitcher’s number he carried because baseball teams traditionally give the highest numbers to their pitchers. He said, “Joe, this isn’t some player’s number. It’s my age.”

Bud served for three years in the Army belonging to the 104th Division which was stationed in Oregon. After basic training, he came home on furlough and asked his girlfriend, Agnes, to marry him. She said YES and went back to Oregon with him. She stayed with him until he went overseas to the end of the war in Germany. After the war, they started their family and Bud joined his father, Daniel, who ran a butcher shop in Glen Head.

Bud has earned a reputation as “the fastest-moving man in the building.” He enters the dining room at a pace that resembles a competitive racewalker. He carries a cane but doesn’t use it. He leaves at the same pace as he came in, only slowing down to greet a friend. And he has plenty of those at The Regency.