A Gimpse into the Life of Blanca Toloza

Blanca Toloza, proud breast cancer survivor, was first diagnosed in 2008 by The Regency’s own Dr. Gambino. Blanca came to the United States in 1989 from El Salvador. She worked at The Friends Academy in Locust Valley before joining The Regency Wait Staff in 1989.

Blanca has 2 beautiful daughters, Yanira (Patricia) who works at The Swan Club in Roslyn, and Emely, a second grade teacher at PS 361 in Woodside.

Blanca made the difficult decision to have a double mastectomy and has no regrets about this painful choice. 9 years of excellent test results have Blanca thanking God daily for her and our residents good fortune.

Blanca credits her Christian Faith with having helped her battle the chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, and biannual check-ups. She attends Iglesias Betel and is bilingual in Spanish and English.

Blanca will be walking for Breast Cancer Awareness in October and she thanks you in advance for sponsoring her team.

Resident’s Anna, Florence, and Elaine honor Blanca with these beautiful words in describing her: Wonderful, Cheerful, Happy, and Caring. Thank you Blanca for your courage.

The Regency’s residents and staff donated money to support Blanca’s Team for The American Cancer Strides Walk. Proceeds from a raffle basket and staff and residents participating in Denim Fridays. Thank you as we all have made a difference

National Assisted Living Week | September 10-16, 2017

“Family isn’t always blood, it’s the people in your life who want you in theirs; the ones who accept you for who you are, the ones who would do anything to see you smile and Love you no matter what.” -Maya Angelou

Join us for National Assisted Living Week for fun family oriented activities and events. All kids, grandkids and extended family are invited to attend!

Sunday 10th – Grandparents Day
Family Craft Stations – 1:00pm
Girl Scout Troops Visit – 2:30pm

Monday 11th
Creating Family Trees – 1:30pm

Tuesday 12th
Music Concert with Margarida & Tony T. – 2:30pm

Wednesday 13th
Family Facetime 2:30pm
Family Fun Movie Night – 6:00pm Featuring Mrs. Doubtfire

Thursday 14th
Regency Family Party – 2:30pm

Friday 15th
Wine Tasting Social – 2:00pm

Saturday 16th
Girls Soccer Team Parade 10:00pm
Grandkids Cookie Creations Baking Class- 1:30pm

A 101st Birthday Celebration in Glen Cove

By Danielle Agoglia – As appeared in The Glen Cove Herald

Taking long walks is something Anne Kozinsky said she always enjoyed doing. And at the age of 101, she still doesn’t need any assistance from a cane, walker or a nurse. Last Saturday Kozinsky celebrated her 101st birthday at The Regency in Glen Cove. “It just happened,” she said, insisting that she doesn’t have any secret to a long life. “It’s all God’s will. I had nothing to do with it really.” You would never guess that Kozinsky had reached a century; she appears to be in her late 70’s at best. She dresses herself, knows what jewelry will look best, does her own hair and is completely self-sufficient.

Kozinsky’s parents came to the U.S. from Sicily, Italy, on their honeymoon and ended up staying. As second-generation Italian Americans, Kozinsky and her five siblings were raised in a household where everyone spoke Italian. “My first words were Italian because my mother couldn’t speak any other language,” she said. “We learned English when went to school.” Unlike today with preschools offering English as a Second Language (ESL), Kozinsky and her siblings learned the language with the help of their neighbors, and then picked up the rest when they started school.

When Kozinsky’s father died when he was 50, she stepped up to help her mother raise the family. Even though she had an older sister, Kozinsky became the caretaker for her four younger brothers. She said her father had always called her “the little mother.”

“My mother was left with six children and she didn’t know the language,” Kozinsky said. “I had to be the interpreter in those days.” She believes that God works in mysterious ways because although she is married, Kozinsky never had any children. But she attended to her younger brothers like they were her children, and she had always felt like they were to this day. Kozinsky continued to be a caretaker into her adult life. She lived with and took care of her mother; her husband, and two of her brothers, all towards the end of their lives.

Even though her father died relatively young, it’s possible longevity runs in their family. Kozinsky mother lived into her 80’s and 90’s, and her older sister will be turning 102 in January. Both Kozinsky and her sister, Sara Calabro, are independent in their centennial age. In fact, neither of them take any kind of medication, which maybe, is the secret after all. Kozinsky said she’s done so many things in her life, it’s hard to keep track. She was a dressmaker, an ice-skater and a motel manager, but insists she lived a simple life. “When the time comes then I’ll write a book,” she said. “That’s a different story.”

The Regency Assisted Living Supports the Glen Cove Youth Bureau

Glen Cove, New York: The Residents at The Regency Assistant Living remember their school days and have generously supplied Glen Cove youth in the Glen Cove School District with school supplies that make a difference in a child’s preparedness, confidence, and self-esteem when the new school year begins.

Resident, Joan Brannan, a teacher for 25 years in the Syosset School District, emphasizes that, “A good breakfast in the morning gets the child started in a positive and healthy way but equally important is that the child be prepared with the tools of learning such as pencils, paper, crayons, and a sturdy backpack to carry them in.” To this day, Mrs. Brannan is stopped and thanked by her former pupils for her service to the community.

Spiro Tsirkas, Executive Director of the Glen Cove Youth Bureau writes, “Every child needs the proper tools to succeed and with the kindness and generosity of everyone who donate to the “Fill a Backpack Program” we are able to give these students those tools to start off their academic year on the right foot.”

The Residents of The Regency will be presenting their Fill-A-Book-Bag donations to Mr. Tsirkas on August 29 at 3 p.m. All Glen Cove businesses are welcome to bring their generous donations to personally present to Mr. Tsirkas at The Regency, 94 School Street, Glen Cove starting at 3pm, August 29. Light refreshments will be served. Call and reserve your time with Gail at 516-674-3007.

The Regency Assisted Living, located in the heart of Glen Cove since 1993, is licensed as an Assisted Living Residence (ALR) with an Enhanced Assisted Living Residence (EALR) license as well, which allows our residents to comfortably “age in place”. Our convenient location in Glen Cove’s downtown village on the beautiful North Shore of Nassau County, affords residents with a vibrant lifestyle within walking distance of some of Long Island’s finest restaurants and shopping, and only a short drive to the beautiful Glen Cove waterfront.

An Amazing Day at Citi Field

Written By Resident Joe Krupinski

Daniel (Bud) Hohenrath, a resident at The Regency since Dec. 14, 2014, got chance to meet the Mets on May 7th because his two daughters, Diane and Phyllis, worked out a public relations idea with the baseball team.

Bud was honored as a U.S. Army veteran. He stood with Mets pitcher, Jacob DeGrom, in the middle of the field while the crowd chanted and applauded. All of a sudden, the scoreboard in centerfield lit up with the image of Bud from 1944. Mets superstar, Jacob DeGrom, presented Bud with a beautifully folded American flag. They told Bud to wave back to the fans, 24 of which were family and friends sitting in a reserved section.

“I have never experienced anything like that in my whole life,” Bud said in his self-effacing way. “I was pretty close to tears. It was mind-boggling to say the least.”

His daughters had a custom Mets jersey made with his last name and his favorite number 96 on it. I personally had a question. I asked him about the number 96 on his back. I wanted to know which Mets pitcher’s number he carried because baseball teams traditionally give the highest numbers to their pitchers. He said, “Joe, this isn’t some player’s number. It’s my age.”

Bud served for three years in the Army belonging to the 104th Division which was stationed in Oregon. After basic training, he came home on furlough and asked his girlfriend, Agnes, to marry him. She said YES and went back to Oregon with him. She stayed with him until he went overseas to the end of the war in Germany. After the war, they started their family and Bud joined his father, Daniel, who ran a butcher shop in Glen Head.

Bud has earned a reputation as “the fastest-moving man in the building.” He enters the dining room at a pace that resembles a competitive racewalker. He carries a cane but doesn’t use it. He leaves at the same pace as he came in, only slowing down to greet a friend. And he has plenty of those at The Regency.

101 Years Young for Anne

It was quite a party for Anne Kozinsky at The Regency Assisted-Living residence in Glen Cove, who turned 101-years-old on July 9th. About 70 residents were there to celebrate as Beth Evans, the
residence administrator, delightfully told of Anne’s life story. A jovial Assemblyman Chuck Lavine walked in to give Anne a New York State citation; of her being an asset to life and community. Then all sang Happy Birthday, candles blown, and the cake was cut.
Click here to read the full article published in the July 12th issue of The Leader.

Celebrating the Holidays…Together!

The Regency celebrated Passover and Easter with our residents, families, staff and the Glen Cove Community. We started the month by celebrating Passover together with a Model Seder a couple days before Passover began. The Passover seder (meaning order) is probably the most
celebrated and beloved of Jewish home rituals. Beth Evans along with The Regency’s Recreation Department sang songs and read from the Passover Haggadah. “It was a beautiful way to celebrate our holiday together with our new friends.”, Don Rubin, The Regency’s Resident Council President stated. Thank you for making us feel special and
connected to our faith and new home.”

On April 8th, The Regency’s Annual Easter Eggstravaganza was held. Resident’s grandchild, great-grandchildren and Glen Cove children from the Glen Cove Community filled our lobby waiting for the arrival of the Easter Bunny. Our Easter Bunny hopped around helping the children collect over 2000 candy and toy filled eggs that were scattered
throughout The Regency. The Magic Show was awesome. The kids shrieked with delight when the magician made a real bunny appear. Happy Easter to all. As Easter is a foundation of the Christian faith, residents participated in confession when Father Ambros came from St. Rocco’s
Church and attended church on Easter Sunday. “It was wonderful to have my grandchildren attend the fun Easter event at The Regency. More importantly, we loved that were spent our first holiday here with our family and friends”, Joan Brannon stated.

We hope everyone enjoyed their holidays.

Congratulations to our Volunteer of the Year

Written By Resident Joe Krupinski
Loud and clear, the voice of Sam Goldman rings to the distinct rhythm of resolute players in the daily Bingo games at The Regency. The 19-year-old senior at North Shore High School works in tandem with the caller, Danielle or Ilana, at our home where he has become a welcome fixture. For his contribution as an honorary member of the staff, he has been named The Regency’s Volunteer of the Year.
Whatever numbers come up, Sam repeats them in a resonating tone for the benefit of 30 or more dedicated players who rely on him not to miss a single call. Since the game revolves around strict concentration, he is an intricate part of the action.
Before the action even begins, Sam goes around the room helping to hand out the Bingo cards along the way and giving his trademark lucky fist to as many people as he can with “I hope you win, Mary” and “I hope you win, Wally”. His conviviality is contagious, causing the players to take on an air of sportsmanship that is not always present in Bingo games held elsewhere.
At the signal to start, Sam sits down in the calling box and becomes ultra-serious about his job to reach out with his rich voice so that everybody has an equal chance to advance their numbers. Each winner earns a hearty congratulations from Sam that has become his trademark. Even the runners-up are happy with their achievements and feel primed for the next round.
Everybody loves Sam because he sincerely loves all of us who are fortunate enough to come in contact with him. “His attitude is contagious,” says Frances, a resident and Bingo fanatic. “I have never seen him upset or angry. He is just one happy kid and it rubs off on you. He is helpful and eager to please.”
Sam is the middle child with three brothers and one sister. While his siblings have had their aspirations to attend college, Sam is anxious to join the workforce after his graduation next June. He will seek a job with a CVS pharmacy or Starbucks because he’d like to work in a busy place where he can interact with customers and readily advance himself. Sam says, “I would like to be in a position to answer the phone and organize stuff.”
“He is delighted to help out and eager to please,” says Suzanne, The Regency’s past-president of the Residents Council. “It helps me play when he echoes the numbers.” Adds Olga, “He is very sweet and very dependable.” Her tablemate Ruth says, “And he knows everybody’s name by heart.” Ralph, a retired mathematics teacher, says, “He’s amazing. He acts like every day is the best day of his life.”
Nicole Langone, Sam’s school aide, knows him best and agrees with all of the praiseworthy comments by The Regency residents and staff. “He is fantastic,” she says. “He is in this internship program after school. He wants to blaze a trail for other students while working in a pizza parlor, washing dishes and clearing tables from 4-6 p.m. He is caring and loves to talk to customers about their day. He makes my life easier.”
“We are proud to have him as part of our family. And that is why we are proud to name him our Volunteer of the Year.”, Beth Evans, Administrator stated.